Mina Bellavia

I consider myself a multi-media artist. My works include sculptures, paintings, collages, assemblage, prints, and drawings. I have taken part in performance art and outdoor installations, which are always very ephemeral in nature. Using materials at hand allows for me to create works that are always original and challenging in some way. I am bringing my own unique vision to the mediums while striving to transform myself through the art. I am often my own subject, using the subtle (or not so subtle) interplay between the assertion of sexuality and exploration of such. I examine the perceptions of self and of beauty in my own and others bodies. I engage in the process of defining/redefining an image of the self and the body, often experimenting until things fall into place. I strive to present the viewer with a look into distortions taught to us through society over time. Through sharing personal experiences and visceral expression I can offer glimpses of the possibilities in transforming that self censure or learned fear of disapproval.

Of all the questions and concepts put forth for artists to dig into, I am primarily interested in exploring the ideas of how the connections between our bodies and the land change when nude. I believe that I will be able to truly be authentic in a space where nudity can be used as a tool to strip away the constructs of elements outside the self that prohibit ones authenticity. For me, drawing is an important part in keeping creative channels open. I will work specifically on drawings of willing models and I will set up temporary nature installations that will explore the connection between body and nature to feed my works such as self portrait based photos (to be later transformed to paintings and collages).
Mina Bellavia has been residing in New Orleans for the last nine years, working as an artist and working with artists. She recently relocated back to her hometown of Angola, NY, just outside of Buffalo, NY to continue her artistic explorations.  Mina received an MFA in 3-dimensional studies from Alfred University and a BFA in Printmaking from Buffalo State College.