Exhibition 2018

The following are documents of works produced during the 2018 residency.

Gabrielle Bélanger explored the undressing process through audience participation and cyanotype prints.

Tavia Christina created a participatory movement work on the theme of consent.

Johannes Gérard’s work in progress for new projects and the live performance COCOON. The subjects of the performance are the body in the context of nature and social environments, vulnerability, inner strife, borders and space.

Andrea Hoff worked on embodied narratives through a visual-textual novella, “Ten Days, No Clothes.”


David King practised his Vitruvian Man poses, including one version involving swimming and performing on the lake pontoon.

Martin Lang created a video of connect-the-dots drawings of the human form in intimacy.

Naomi Moser created an on-screen performance of gender portrayals of the naked female body.

GVBQ documented visual evidence of human presence around the park environment.

Krysta Sa investigated group and pair dynamics through ceremonies found in nature, and performed a final participatory ritual.

Emilia Wilson created self-embracing expressions of their body on canvas with natural pigments.