Maddy Anderson


Trace – repetition – memory – aiming to form intimate bonds with a body, a mind, whom I will be separated from by 16,258km, a challenge to become naked, exposed, vulnerable within the natural world, of body, skin, mind and emotion. Looking to my collaborative partner Darcy Smith, who will be working alongside me, remotely, from the comforts of our shared home, a familiar space to her and I, as I translate, and face territory of the unknown. Correspondence in creation, of an exposed intimacy, creates a dialogue to which I consider to be anything but futile. However, I question: who will braid my hair?

Through repetition becoming fact, forming muscle memory we will learn and crossover individual patterns and consequential habits. Crisscrossing like one does when braiding or plaiting hair, one factor we will look at challenging ourselves. As a means to determine the similarities behind our artistic motivations, exploring a certain openness that is certain to ensue, proposing to coalesce our respective practices for the Naked State Residency. The significance of challenging our individual selves is all in the mind rather than physical. In the essence of letting go and becoming comfortable with our exposed and vulnerable selves, we will be challenged to think of our thoughts precisely in this manner – uncovered and revealed – forced to consider the unembellished truth and find reconciliation and acceptance within each other, our respective practices, and ourselves. 

My solo practise generally revolves around sculpture and Installation, always making sure to consider the way the work is experienced physically, creating bodies of work that are to be seen as an extension of the human form, focusing on mechanisms and rudimentary interactive pieces. Often my research emphases the inherent motivations behind the acts of play and playfulness of children, acted out on impulse, by more than just a vehicle for our minds.

Maddy Anderson is an emerging artist in Melbourne Australia, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) focusing on an Interdisciplinary Practice from Monash University, Caulfield, Australia in 2016. Maddy is currently developing her collaborative and solo practices outside of the Institution and is currently in the process of opening her own gallery VOLUMN PROJECTS, before going back to recommence her Masters of Fine Art candidacy in 2018.