Katie Sadie

add mirror // admire   This exercise will be an exploration of memory, familiarity and vulnerability. I will bring an unnatural element in to the Naturist environment. I will place a plain mirror in front of the subject while photographing them using a documentary approach. The mirror itself will not be shown in the photograph. The mirror itself will act as a practical piece of equipment; a light source on the subject. The mirror will emphasize a beautiful, unique quality that the subject encompasses. Most of the ‘reflecting’ will be done after the photograph has taken place. The subject will be interviewed about their experience and how they felt standing in front of the mirror, having their photograph taken in the nude. 

Some questions can be asked; Once placed in front of the mirror, does a Naturist state of mind stop? Do you feel vulnerable as such you would be judged on social, religious, economic, political, or professional cultural statuses outside of the Naturist environment? Although being nude is the most obvious aspect of Naturism, when your own nudity is put directly in front of you, are other aspects of Naturism brought to the forefront? 

Katie Sadie is a graduate of the Applied Photography program, Sheridan College. She was recently announced as a winner of the Flash Forward Emerging Photographers Competition presented by The Magenta Foundation, 2017. Katie’s current practice has involved using primarily colour negative film. Her work is inspired by the great photographers of the past and people she surrounds herself with in the present. Katie aims to provoke questions, start conversations and educate surrounding varying topics through documentary photography.