Júlia Both

Inspired by plants, nebulae, sex and dreams, my art stimulates the viewer to reflect on their relationship to Nature, the Universe and themselves. Through visual symbolism in vibrant paintings and intricate drawings, it explores relationships between the macro & the microcosm. It is driven by a deep spiritual reverence for the natural world, as well as the idea that through witnessing nature one can draw lessons about human life. With stylistic influences from both Street Art and Scientific Illustration, I work in extreme scales, painting large murals in public and crafting small illustrations for intimate viewing experiences.

Since studying feminist writings and having my first naturist experiences in Spain and Brazil, I have been interested in how our acceptance of our own bodies affects our ability to lead happy lives and connect to others. I am particularly interested in how the images we create of women’s bodies affect how women perceive themselves and their sense of self-worth. We see many images of naked and semi-naked women in art and advertising, but mostly young, thin, white women that are heavily retouched and constructed. I would like to explore through a series of works, how being in a naturist community and being exposed to nudity that is not selected, sexualised, retouched or staged can affect our perceptions of beauty and our self-esteem. I hope that this exploration will help me create images of the body that improve people’s wellbeing instead of further sabotaging it.

Júlia Both is a young Brazilian artist working in Melbourne, Australia. She grew up in Brazil in a family of environmentalists that taught her a deep love of nature, books and travelling, as well as the unwavering curiosity that continues to drive her. She moved to Australia after finishing high school to study Design in 2010. After graduating in 2013, she started a successful partnership with artist Chuck Mayfield designing and painting public murals for businesses, city councils and festivals. Apart from her mural work, she is constantly studying a wide range of topics and creating through exhibitions, zines and illustrations.