Cyn Williamson

My initial approach to creating anything is to focus on feelings from deep within. I then apply music, writing, and visual art to release those feelings, regardless of their nature, origin, and power. There lies an unyielding desire to trigger the onlooker to also feel something. This entire process, I refer to correctly or incorrectly as expressionism.

I am currently connecting the human nude figure to expressionism by portraying through sculpture, every-day post-menopausal subjects. It has been my experience and yours too, that the beauty of women is classified by their unrealistic, yet expected gaunt body sizes. My desire is to show the world, through sculpture, in a sensitive way, just how beautiful any everyday woman truly is.

Cyn Williamson was born and raised in the French Canadian town of Belle River, Ontario. My greatest expressive mentor is my mother “Eleonore”, a self taught artist and musician. The culture within our family was heavily weighted by music and art. With my siblings beside me, we studied early the primary processes of drawing, painting, and composition. Our father was studying fine arts at the University of Windsor when I was ten years old. I recall fondly, reviewing with him a large stack of art history flash cards. He had to know precise details about paintings, especially every historical painted Madonna. It was at this time, that I became cognizant of the value of messages or stories hidden in art. To this day, those flash cards live in my studio, and these early significant steps in unveiling art are the catalysts that drive my passion.