Andrea Hoff

I am interested in various forms of storytelling. I investigate the connections between voice, words, and images, and explore the ways in which these connections manifest into narrative structure and create a deeper understanding of our unique and collective experiences. I write stories and draw them. I ask what stories we create to translate our lives and how we share them and find ourselves in the sharing. I look for experiences that challenge my expectations, knowledge, and comfort.

During the residency I will employ visual storytelling as a means to engage in the experience of Naked State.  I will write and draw throughout the residency; layering the narrative of my experiences with that of fellow artists and other willing participants. I plan to explore the experience of nakedness (both its freedom and vulnerability) within historical and cultural connotations of the body as it relates to self, community, expression, sexuality, feminism, and art. I will explore what stories take root in this experience, what transformations are revealed, and what it looks like without any clothes on.



As a storyteller and writer, Andrea Hoff has read and performed in Canada, Australia, Germany, England, and Iceland. Her non-fiction comics have appeared in publications across Canada and internationally. As a Ph.D. student in Information Studies at the University of British Columbia, she is working in graphic memoir to explore how the creative process informs identity, vulnerability, and resilience. Andrea is currently completing her first full-length graphic novel, titled Ants in the Blood.