David King

I will approach this opportunity to “explore the human body in the context of nature, culture and art” from my personal experience of first engaging in public nudity at a major art event. This experience had a profound effect on my life in terms of improved self confidence, greater clarity of purpose and gender orientation. Working as a nude artist in naturist organisations I have explored new relationships and experiences that chime with my emerging philosophy reflected in my art practice. During this residency I will create opportunities for individuals to share significant moments in their naturist life and develop relevant artwork to express their unique experiences.Naturism provides a haven for many like-minded people, and has potential to provide a significant counter to the cultural pressures to conform to idealised images. Unfortunately, censorship and secrecy prevents the benefits of naturism being aired much beyond the boundaries of naturist clubs and specific events. By being very open with friends and relatives about my naturist activities via social media etc. I aim to reduce these barriers to understanding.

The main focus of my work will involve exploring the most significant experiences of naturists living at or visiting Bare Oaks. Hopefully through pre-notification, the naturists on site will be invited to participate in a process involving some or all of the following:

  • informal discussion with me about their experiences
  • structured in-depth interview about their most significant experiences, which will be video recorded
  • creating written text of their thoughts and feelings about their experiences
  • (where possible) video recorded re-enactments of their experiences
  • posing for related figure drawings/paintings
  • collaborating in the creation of relevant illustrations

People who have interesting/significant experiences to share and are willing to allow the photographs, videos, drawings and written text to appear in public exhibitions and on-line, would be preferred. Back in the UK afterwards I intend to organise exhibitions of my work, hopefully enabling all-nude viewing sessions with invited audiences.


David King grew up on a family farm near Bristol in England. During his early career as a research physicist creating new products and processes within the chemical industry he sustained his artistic interest through part-time art courses. On leaving the industry David embarked on a full-time art career, completing his Masters Degree in Fine Art at Teesside University in 2016. Experiencing public nudity at a Spencer Tunick installation inspired him to become a practising naturist. David works as residential artist at his local naturist club (Tando, Newcastle-upon-Tyne). His naturist art was displayed at several exhibitions during his MA program.