Philippa Hajdu

“Sensuality is sister to eroticism, but people tend to think of both as opposed to spirituality. This unnecessary split is perhaps the one most damaging of all to the spirit, the emotions, and ordinary life because desire and pleasure offer life its impetus and give us a reason for being. Desire moves us forward and to be suspicious of it is to question life itself.” [1]

At Bare Oaks I plan to work on a series of drawings and /or paintings that explore sexuality and the older woman. I would like to involve members of the naturist community as well as the other Naked State participants in a dialogue around this issue. Many members of our society believe that sex and sexual desire become insignificant as people age. As a sexually active  woman in her 80’s I challenge this myth. To do this I will be using paper, sized and unsized canvas and other fabric. I will also be using found materials, paints, inks, photo transfers, collage and embroidery.

Philippa Hajdu is a visual artist working mainly in acrylic collage. She spent her formative years in Aurora, moving to Toronto to attend the Ontario College of Art and Design, and graduating with honours. She followed this up with a year of study at École des Beaux Arts in Montreal and another year of studying sculpture at St. Martin’s School of Art in London England. Haidu has received an Ontario Arts Council, Artist in the Workplace grant, and an Ontario Crafts Council, Award for design. She is a member of Society of York Region Artists.