Natalie Légère

I’m a Multidisciplinary artist. My work is influenced by my experiences doing rhythmic gymnastics and expressive dance, in so much as it is action based, and expressive. Most of my professional work has been exploration of colour, texture and movement through the deconstruction of Mandalas into grids of geometric shapes. Most of that revolved around the intersection of the richly symbolic circle and abstract expressionism. In the last 5 years, mark making in drawing has taken an important place in my practice. It is now my primary focus, as I am drawing lyrical patterns or grids on canvas. This work has seen the triangle rise in importance and with it colourful combinations.  

I’m interested in doing a video exercise, where I perform movements in the nude or in nude colored clothing. I picture these images with lots of peach and white, black or dark green, light and dreamy. My body filling the frame almost entirely. I am also a fairly compulsive drawer, so I will also probably draw colorful triangle clusters on paper or canvas to interact with the video footage of my body. I’m interested in letting my experiences at Bare Oaks influence my work. I express feelings through colour and absorb the world about me, and process it through drawing. I wonder how much my movements would change and how that will translate into video. 

Born in Moncton, N.B. in 1982, Natalie Légère has a Multidisciplinary Arts Degree with Concentrations in Fine Art, French Literature and Artistic Expression (Université de Moncton). Her first solo show Mandala was at The Moncton Public Library in 2005. In the last 5 years she has done live art, presented in group shows and taken many continuing studies courses and professional workshops. In 2018, she took a Business course for Aboriginal Artists with Natalie Sappier, through Culture Plus, an online business course for artists, and the Catapult Arts Accelerator Program with Sarah Jones through ArtsLink NB. She is currently under mentorship with Barbara Safran de Niverville through l’Association des Artistes Professionnel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick  (AAAPNB). Her new storefront studio: Galerie d’Art Natalie Légère Art Gallery, will be opening soon on Main St. in Woodstock, NB. She lives in Woodstock First Nations with her spouse Jim, their son James and a three legged dog Tinta.