Naomi Moser

My work investigates the creation and consumption of Jewish-American identity and stereotypes within the construct of capitalism.  My non-linear, looping narratives employ structures of traditional Jewish storytelling, such as theatrical performance and the repeated asking of questions.  Forgetfulness and misunderstanding—as performed by my ditzy ghouls—aim to disrupt and call into question the re-telling of these Jewish narratives and the identities of victimhood and dislocation that they perpetuate.  Setting my scenes to themes of escapism in the form of travel, nightlife and dress-up, I disarm the viewer with an approachable, campy aesthetic while simultaneously discussing my anxiety about the inheritance of memory.

At Naked State, through discussions and the making of a short video piece, I will explore what my body represents and how to control its use in order to further the messages in my work. I often perform in my videos or employ other women to do so.  Much of my work is centered around female-bodied characters and I am constantly confronted with various ways in which the female body is perceived on screen.  Can a young woman’s body exist in art without being sexualized?  If it must be sexualized how can it enhance my expression?


Naomi Moser is an American video artist based in New York and Detroit.  She received her BA in Media Studies from Scripps College in Los Angeles in 2013 and her MFA in photography from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Detroit in 2018.  Moser has participated in residencies in Spain and Lebanon.