Krysta Sa

The parallel treatment and movement of the body and the natural world conceptually fuels my work. Influenced by relationships to land, self and mental health, we mimic the landscapes around us. Through the explorations, I look for ways to know myself. I use video, installation, and performance as an act of connection, resistance and care.

Working with the community at Bare Oaks, I intend to create a series of performances and videos that asks individuals to participate in self-awareness and reflection in nature. While physically bound to one another, participants will take on elements of the land in the exploration of how their bodies communicate within a shared experience. We will examine how we give and take care for ourselves and others and our bodies needs. These performance will be documented as a series of videos and photographs. 


Krysta Sa is an artist and librarian living in Toledo, Ohio. Since graduating from Bowling Green State University with a BFA in Digital Media + Printmaking, she has worked as a caregiver, social worker and community educator throughout the United States. These experiences have influenced her performances + videos in which she explores movement, the body, ecology and autonomy.