Tessa Van Lubeck

In my exploration of the nude human body in context of nature, culture and art” I will draw inspiration from the ancient concept of the ‘Greek Ideal’. Established in sculpture in Greece in the fifth century B.C. , it has been the most constantly copied style in the arts. My practice will reinterpret and pay homage to this tradition. The body in movement, both realistic and transcendent, was at the centre of ancient Greek culture and thought. Many of these concepts forming the basis of much of western civilisation.

I will observe the Naked State community and compare it to classical understanding of form and . Initial stretches and notes will form the foundation of large canvas pieces. I will work with mixed media materials including ink, charcoal, pencil, acrylics and oils. Ranging from one to five metres squared the pieces will range from semi realistic depictions to pure abstraction. I will attempt to communicate the universal oneness that exists through space and time, evidencing the timeless relationship between nature and the human form.


Tessa Van Lubeck is an Australian visual artist who practices a nomadic international existance. She has exhibited in Milan, Sydney, Perth, New York , Albuquerque, Paris and Dubbo. Van Lubeck’s subject matter varies but is generally underpinned by philosophical themes.